Trackfiles Episode 33 – September 3, 2011

Trackfiles returns after a long break! In this only September episode, I have a look at two new innovations in caching. Also, I go through the itinerary for the “Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011”. All this, plus a YouTube video, Podcast Rewind and a very special event announcement.

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Links in Show:
Head Alien #01 A cache by Clay4 & whtwolfden
0001-E.T. A cache by Clay4 & whtwolfden
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon
Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011 Twitter Page
My Blog Site
Las Vegas Welcome Sign Webcam
Trackfiles Facebook Fan Page
Trackfiles Twitter Page

GC32GMQ Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up: Norrish Creek (Cache In Trash Out Event) in British Columbia, Canada created by agassiz_angel
GC304FP Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up: Fraser/Nechako (Cache In Trash Out Event) in British Columbia, Canada created by unbcgeobats
GC31X7N Icenrye and PGgeodude Meet and Greet (Event Cache) in Nevada, United States created by Icenrye
Cache – A-Maniacs
Geocaching Podcast
Caching in the Northwest
Top Gear in Ely