Trackfiles Episode 32 – June 4, 2011

In this episode, I have a look at caching underwater, caching in the media and a caching music video. Also, a tech podcast that featured caching. This plus events and Podcast Rewind.

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Links in Show:
My front yard reno photoset on SmugMug
Event Cache – WWFM VIII-Prince George-Ping Pong
Dotto Tech 7 – Geocaching and Gaming – Dotto Tech
Geocaching – Dotto Tech
DiveCaching – The New Underwater Treasure Hunt Game – Technorati Travel
Millions “cache-in” on high-tech hobby
Geocaching In Kern County – Video – KERO Bakersfield
YouTube – “To Whom It May Concern” by The Travel Bugs
GC2VYWY The June Alternative (Event Cache) in South Australia, Australia created by Adrian Mc
GC2X198 Meet-N-Greet with a Treat! (Event Cache) in Florida, United States created by ozman69
GC2X043 Where are you SIgnal the Frog? (Event Cache) in Idaho, United States created by Bobbsey Twins
GC2TXMN Canadian Grl’s being deported! (Event Cache) in California, United States created by Team Reid
GC2WF3Y SWAG Cache Container Construction & Swap Party (Event Cache) in Oregon, United States created by GC-SWAG
GC1MGER COG Spring Fling Zero-Zero-Seven (Mega-Event Cache) in Ontario, Canada created by Central Ontario Geocachers
Geocaching Podcast
Centenial State Geocaching Podcast