Trackfiles Episode 29 – April 30, 2011

In this episode, I have a look at some government sponsored caching and the latest iPhone controversy. Also, there’s a rather difficult cache featured in the YouTube segment. This plus events and Podcast Rewind.

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Links in Show:
GC2TK5M The Doctor Who Series: The Second Doctor (Multi-cache) in British Columbia, Canada created by Time Lord Icenrye with Time Lord Cecil-EGC
GCPYGP Power To The Cachers! (Traditional Cache) in British Columbia, Canada created by Icenrye
Environment Canada – About Environment Canada – Canadian Environment Week Geocaching Contest
Environment Canada – About Environment Canada – GPS Coordinates for Geocaching Contest
Geocaching catching on as hobby in area – Park Rapids Enterprise – Park Rapids, Minnesota
Geocaching: The Good Side of Location Tracking – News & Opinion –
Geocaching Site Maintenance
Secret footage of new Groundspeak server
YouTube – Only for the Die Hards
GC2MDMZ 2011 AYOPC: Only for the Die Hards (Traditional Cache) in Iowa, United States created by The NVG
GC2PBYR International Flash Event "Springtime in Paris" (Event Cache) in Île-de-France, France created by WhiteFriar
GC2N0NN Rendezvous (Event Cache) in Kalmar, Sweden created by Himmelskimmer
GC2R53V Easter GeoMob (Event Cache) in East Midlands, United Kingdom created by migs48
GC2RWBR Handicaching in Royal Oak (Event Cache) in Michigan, United States created by Geo-Therapist
GC2R69P Flash MOB “Congratulations Clay Pigeons 5000 Cache (Event Cache) in Alabama, United States created by Friends of the Birds
GC2RQQA Geocaching 101 with Billy (Event Cache) in Tennessee, United States created by O-Mega
GC2RFVT Celebrating 11 Years! (Event Cache) in Ontario, Canada created by LW Squared
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