Trackfiles Episode 30 – May 7, 2011

In this episode, I have a look at two areas using Geo Tourism. One is starting and one is well established. Also, there’s a television report and a quick peek at the new Geocaching website. This plus upcoming events and Podcast Rewind.

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Links is Show:
GC2TK5M The Doctor Who Series: The Second Doctor (Multi-cache) in British Columbia, Canada created by Time Lord Icenrye with Time Lord Cecil-EGC
GC2R1VF Doctor Who Series: Finale (Unknown Cache) in Indiana, United States created by Time Lord Cecil-EGCM & his crack team of Minions
GC2RKZ0 We’d Like to Meet You (Event Cache) in British Columbia, Canada created by Hobo and Miss
Desoto Times Tribune – Modern day treasure hunt
Modern Day “Treasure Hunt” Gaining Popularity in Valley
Preview of May 4th Website Release – Latitude 47
Gold Country GeoTourism Program
YouTube – Gold Country GeoTourism
GC2V5VC Outdoor Cacher Event (Event Cache) in Bayern, Germany created by sammy84 + quadgary
GC2M2WK First Campout of Summer (Event Cache) in Northern Scotland, United Kingdom created by Will & Carol
GC2QDEE We Want To See More In Seymour (Event Cache) in Indiana, United States created by dorothy&scarecrow
GC2M125 3rd Annual Brunch in Buford: Population 1 (Event Cache) in Wyoming, United States created by Team SCR
GC2VFPW Breakfast At The Red Rooster (Event Cache) in New Brunswick, Canada created by ynds
GC2TJXC N.R.G. Celtic Lunch (Event Cache) in Ontario, Canada created by N.R.G.
Geocaching Podcast
Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast